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Meet Elizabeth Lulu Miranda  

Elizabeth Lulu Miranda
Elizabeth Lulu Miranda
You can call Elizabeth Miranda inspired and motivated. She is an innovative and resourceful organizer who loves to help people create a better way for themselves. Elizabeth’s passion for organization and efficiency started as a child. Her mother would find her in the kitchen, rearranging the silverware and utensil drawers.

yellow circleElizabeth is a lifelong Chicagoan who traveled extensively through Europe before earning her degree from the University of Wisconsin—Madison, followed by a 15-year career in broadcast television creative services.

The inspiration for Mercury Organizing came while she worked evenings and weekends at her local YMCA as a volunteer ”Commit to Be Fit" coach.

At the Y, I changed my priorities and learned what I really love doing. I discovered that I was a good motivator and realized I had a knack for helping people change their habits and take stronger control of their environment and lives. It was rewarding to see my clients get rid of some old habits and start new, healthy ones.
Elizabeth Lulu Miranda

This experience led Elizabeth to launch her organizing service to continue helping people transform negative habits by organizing them and showing them a better way to keep things together, reduce clutter, and reduce stress.

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