Home Office Organizing

"Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent, and 
not enough time on what is important." Stephen Covey

home office
orange circleIt's a struggle to work from home; managing your space and time is not easy. We help you declutter your office, create a system of priorities, and work with an underutilized office to create efficient systems and solutions.
  • Office Organizing
  • Desk Organizing
  • Executive’s Office
  • Book and Library Organizing
  • File management
  • Time-management
  • Supply Room Organizing
  • Relocating/ Moving your office

We give your desk and files the organization and logic that will simplify your life. Creating essential files: birth, marriage, military, family/genealogical records/insurance policies, financial documents, warranty documents, and health records Setting up a work space with ergonomic principles in mind for healthy work habits. 

cluttered home office
organized home office

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Helping you decide on the items you could donate, give away, or sell. Providing resources for recycling and shredding services.

Time Management /Scheduling

We will assist you in finding the right system for you. Whether you use paper, mobile, or desktop calendars, discover which solutions are best for you. We'll help you determine if stopping the multi-tasking frenzy or delegating work is a more effective approach. We are coaching you to make the most of your calendar and contact program.

Organizing Collectibles

Organizing collectibles, memorabilia, and photos, all in their own safe and readily accessible space. We’ll honor things from the past, whether they were from family or collected by you.

Storage, Supply, and Utility Room Organizing

Maximize space utilization. Discover spaces you didn't know you had for seasonal decorations, cleaning supplies, and equipment.


Managing your move, helping you choose a professional moving company, downsizing, and packing your home, office, or corporate office. Supervise the moving day, as well as the unpacking, organizing, and styling of your new home, office, or work space.

Virtual Organizing

Sometimes meeting in person is not possible, but you can still achieve your organizing goals, consulting and providing the steps to declutter, and organize. We can set up a virtual meeting to get you started. We’ll meet on a virtual platform like Zoom and help you through the whole organizing process.