Home Organizing

"“Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling.” Cecilia Ahern

living room
orange circleWe remove clutter or obstacles from each room, helping you organize, style, and create a home that fits the lifestyle you seek
  • Bathroom Organizing
  • Bedroom Organizing
  • Closet Organizing
  • Den Organizing
  • Desk Organizing
  • Garage Organizing
  • Home Office-Organizing
  • Kids' Room Organizing
  • Kitchen Organizing
  • Library Organizing
  • Living Room Organizing
  • Master Bedroom Organizing
  • Pantry Organizing
  • Playroom Organizing

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organized dining room

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Helping you decide on the items you could donate, give away, or sell. Providing resources for recycling and shredding services.

Time Management / Scheduling

We will assist you in finding the right system for you. Whether you use paper, mobile, or desktop calendars, discover which solutions are best for you. We'll help you determine if stopping the multi-tasking frenzy or if delegating work is a more effective approach. We are coaching you to make the most of your calendar and contact program.

Organizing Collectibles

We can help organize heirlooms, keepsakes, and memorabilia.


Managing your move, helping you choose a professional moving company, downsizing, and packing your home, office, or corporate office. Supervise the moving day, as well as the unpacking, organizing, and styling of your new home, office, or work space.

Virtual Organizing

Sometimes meeting in person is not possible, but you can still achieve your organizing goals, consulting and providing the steps to declutter, and organize. We can set up a virtual meeting to get you started. We’ll meet on a virtual platform like Zoom and help you through the whole organizing process.

Happy Clients

I recommend Elizabeth Miranda (Lulu) for her exceptional assistance in helping me rediscover my closet. My disorganization has undoubtedly been a major source of stress and lack of style in my life. Lulu really listens to me about my current needs and has given me many helpful suggestions. She clearly explains possibilities and helps one make them happen. If you would have seen my closet recently, you would have realized how patient Lulu is. She never judges based on how much "stuff" they have, although my family thinks I have a Carrie Bradshaw addiction! I have some fabulous shoes!!! My family was shocked when they came home and saw my floor. I am not hunting for things any more. I have known Lulu for many years and have seen her strong work ethic and spotless desk at work. Lulu is very professional, easy to work with, has a great attitude, is very patient, is confident in her abilities, and is self-motivated. In fact, I would not want to work with anyone else. Thank you so much for your expertise and just being you.
TH - Elmhurst