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How to Organize a Standing Freeze​r: Step-by-Step Guide and Pro Tips

Discover the best methods and tips for efficiently organizing your freezer. From standing freezers to freezer drawers, learn how to optimize space and keep your frozen food easily accessible. Find recommended products and safety measures for a well-organized freezer.

How to Organize a Standing Freezer 

When organizing your freezer, keep in mind what you will be storing and how often you access your frozen food from your standing freezer vs. your freezer from your refrigerator. But in either case, in any freezer,

It's important to store what you like to have easy access to. Such as Sunday’s dinner. Or Friday night pizza. A lot of the time, food items get shifted and forgotten in the back.  The items we generally hold in our standing freezer are extras that come from the bulk store. Like the dozen pizzas. Or the casserole dishes that we pre-prep, extra veggies, extra ice cream, or the profiteroles for Saturday’s party. Remember that the freezer is cooler at the bottom and not as cool at the top. 

How do you organize freezer drawers? 

The drawers themselves can hold one of the categories of foods, perhaps vegetables. But I find that a drawer divider would also help, by adding one simple plastic bin that will fit to separate food items.

Top Products to Help You Organize and Maximize Space in your Freezer 

The freezer itself can be divided even more by adding wire racks or shelves Larger bins can be placed on their sides to create a shelf with a spot in the bin and another on top. If you tend to freeze a lot of your food, will you be making your own baby food? Splurging on vacuum-sealed storage bags would be great. They’ll help prevent freezer burn and keep your food fresh for longer. They're also great for storing pre-made meals or individual portions of food.

  • Freezer bins or containers: These can help categorize and separate different types of food items, making it easier to locate and access them. Look for transparent bins to quickly identify their contents.

  • Wire Shelf Dividers: These dividers can be installed on the shelves of your tall freezer to create additional compartments, preventing items from toppling over and optimizing storage space.

  • Stackable Freezer Shelves: These shelves allow you to make better use of vertical space in your tall freezer. They create multiple tiers, maximizing storage capacity and making it easier to see and reach items.

  • Vacuum-Sealed Bags or Containers: These airtight storage solutions are perfect for preserving the quality and freshness of food items in the freezer. Vacuum-sealing removes excess air, reducing the risk of freezer burn.

  • Magnetic whiteboard or dry-erase labels: These can be attached to the freezer door or shelves to keep track of inventory, expiration dates, and food rotation. They help you maintain an organized freezer and minimize waste.

  • Remember to measure your tall freezer's dimensions before purchasing any organizing products to ensure they fit properly and make the most of the available space.

Safety First: Key Items to Keep Apart for Proper Food Organization in Your Freezer

It's important to learn what items should be kept away from one another to make organizing freezer food safe too. I would first follow the guidelines provided by the USDA Freezer and Food Safety website, There, you will learn what food you can freeze and how long you can keep certain foods.

Check out their link below:

I find that if you keep like items together, you will be following a good protocol. Keeping certain foods separate, like raw meat and fish, from any other foods will be helpful. Make sure they are securely wrapped. By keeping meat and fish in their own bin, you double the protection from freezer burn and bacteria. Your pre-made meals should also be securely wrapped in either plastic baggies or tin foil. Everything should be labeled and dated. Keep a “sharpy” marker handy by the freezer so you can keep track of your inventory, no one likes a mystery casserole.

There is no doubt that spending a day preparing the family meals in advance or saving leftovers will save time on those extra busy days when you don’t have time for meal prep. But since you are already spending time organizing your fridge, maybe check again how much of the frozen food you are actually using. If you find yourself tossing many out-of-date items, then the best money- and time-saving step is to reconsider your freezing habits and opt for making them fresh instead. 


Blog post by Elizabeth Lulu Miranda: Lulu has been working as a home and office organizer in Chicago for over 15 years. She brings new perspectives on how to have an organized life. Writing for the Mercury Organizing blog “Create the Flow" and her personal blog “What would Lulu Do?"

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