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The Holiday Reset: 5 Simple Steps to Self-Care  

Embracing the New Year with Hope and Planning.

The Holiday Reset, Restart, Refocus Graphic with Festive themed pink backgroundTransforming your home from Holiday Central to a serene sanctuary is something that brings a little sadness but also hope. Putting everything back into storage for the next holiday reminds us of the little joy our holiday lights and magic brought us. Sometimes sadness kicks in when we realize it's all over or because of unexpected challenges or disappointments; maybe Santa didn't get us what we wished for.

The feeling of hope comes with the thought of a fresh start in the new year. If you are like me, though, you are still celebrating the holidays until well after the holiday season and the New Year. There are still some friends to visit while they're still in town, and there are more cookies to bake and tamales to make for our Three Kings Day celebration on January 6, also known as the Epiphany.

Three Kings Day is when many Christians celebrate the exchanging of gifts.Thinking about the holiday reset is just not in the picture at this point, but planning for a reset is something you can plan and organize so that the time won't escape from you. Here are five simple steps to help you start the new year right.
For the seasoned navigators of busy lives, self-care isn't just bubble baths and face masks (though those have their place!). It's a conscious reclamation of our inner peace, a deliberate recalibration for the journey ahead. Here are a few whispers of wisdom to guide us:

1. Unplug and unwind: Mute the constant ping of notifications. Let the screens dim and the emails wait. Curl up with a book, a steaming mug, and the luxury of uninterrupted thoughts. Reconnect with the quiet hum of your own being.

2. Forget the treadmill torture! Move your body like it's a party, not a punishment. Take a sunshine stroll, stretch like a goofy cat in the warm light, or bust a move in the kitchen to your favorite jam. Exercise isn't just about shrinking your holiday cookie stash; it's about saying "yay!" to your awesome body. Make it fun, make it feel good, and watch your heart sing along! ‍

3. Nourish the body: Ditch the leftover indulgences and embrace the power of clean, nourishing meals. Stock up on vibrant fruits and veggies, whip up a comforting soup, or experiment with a new recipe that speaks to your soul. Remember, food is fuel, and when we nourish wisely, our energy and spirit soar.

4. Gratitude is the antidote. Sometimes life throws curveballs, but guess what? It's also full of awesome stuff! Take a break, grab a pen or pencil, and write down all the things that make you smile or beam with happiness. You know, like warm hugs from your best friend, happy belly laughs, or even just quiet moments where everything feels perfectly peaceful.Being grateful isn't about fancy fireworks or winning the lottery. It's like savoring a delicious dessert—the tiny, yummy things make life sweet. So let that feeling of thankfulness wash over you, like a warm blanket on a chilly day. It's the best medicine for your heart!
Download a free printable gratitude journal I designed for you.

5. Sleep is Healing: Sleep works like magic for brain and body health. Ditch the alarm clock and press snooze without feeling guilty. Those extra Zzzs are like superpowers for your day—more energy to zoom through your day, sharper focus to meet deadlines for those projects, and a happier you overall. Conquering the New Year is way easier when you're not running on empty. So cozy up in your PJs, grab a favorite book, and let sleep be your awesome friend! Have others wait a week or two to make plans.

Hopefully, your cup of love was filled up around the holidays. So instead of hanging out with loved ones, find time for just yourself. Do things that make you feel like sunshine, not like a storm cloud. By prioritizing ourselves in this quiet space between seasons, we lay the foundation for a year filled with not just resolutions but genuine, soul-deep renewal. So breathe deeply, take it slow, and remember: the most beautiful beginnings are born from the whispers of a rejuvenated spirit.

Bonus tip: Instead of a long list of resolutions, create an intention for the new year. Pick one small thing you can do every day to make yourself feel good. Maybe it's taking a walk in nature, reading a chapter before bed, or simply saying "no" to things you don't want to do.

Here's to a New Year that transforms you like a gently blowing snowflake in winter, embraces joy, and celebrates the resilient, remarkable person you are.

Click the link to get your Free printable download::

If you are interested in taking gratitude to the next level, check out the podcast interview between Gale West and Deborah Hawkins called "The Power of Intentional Gratitude with Deborah Hawkins in "Café of Delights with Gale West.". Deborah Hawkins' blog name is called  "No Small Thing."  Click here to listen to the interview.


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