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Boost Your Mood & Energy: Create The Ultimate Morning Routine

A couple brushing teeth in bathroom. Photo Courtesy CottonBro_StudioHave you ever considered the untapped power of your morning routine? Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, many individuals find their productivity significantly impacted by an efficiently organized bathroom ritual.

In the hustle of daily life, transforming this often-overlooked space can be the game-changer you didn't know you needed. In our daily hustle and bustle, the importance of a well-organized bathroom routine cannot be overstated. It's not just about saving time; it's about setting the stage for a successful and positive day. Find out how to make your mornings better, ensuring you not only save time but also feel more confident every day.

We can all agree that a basic bathroom routine is a crucial part of our morning, setting the tone for a successful day. An efficient routine grants us more personal time to start the day on a positive note.
Typically, we follow these steps:
  1. Wake up and refresh
  2. Shower or bathe
  3. Attend to teeth, hair, and skincare
  4. Choose our outfit
  5. Perform a final check for essentials before leaving

Eliminating the obstacles to accomplishing your morning routine is the first step.

Consider your morning routine as an act of self-care beyond just washing and grooming. Setting morning intentions helps maintain focus throughout the day. To support the task of getting ready, start by decluttering the bathroom and removing obstacles to efficiency.

Clear counters, dispose of any expired products, and assess items you no longer need. Keep the bathroom free from overflowing trash.

In many cases, the bathroom tends to be a communication hub for families and housemates to communicate. The bathroom can become the conversation corner where notes and reminders are shared. Books and magazines land there too.  It'd be beneficial to designate another area for communication, leaving the bathroom solely for grooming, to enhance efficiency and self-care.

Once distractions are removed, set up the bathroom for its intended use, making the morning routine easy. Organize bathroom supplies in the order needed and group similar items together. Utilize vertical space with storage cubes or carts for efficient storage.

Keep towels within easy reach of the shower. Install shelves or organizers on walls for additional storage, freeing up floor and counter space. Consider adding a rolling cart between the sink and tub or toilet for extra storage.

Include drawer dividers to separate grooming items like razors and combs, facilitating quick access. Schedule regular decluttering sessions, perhaps on laundry day, to maintain bathroom organization. A well-organized bathroom not only saves time but also contributes to a positive start to your day, which helps build self-confidence.

Transforming your bathroom routine goes beyond time-saving; it's a personal investment. Each efficient morning is a step towards a more confident and empowered you. By fostering a space of order and purpose, you pave the way for a day filled with positivity. Move past the basics, declutter your environment, and embrace the influence of a mindful morning ritual. Always remember, a successful day starts with a successful YOU.


Blog post by Elizabeth Lulu Miranda: Lulu has been working as a home and office organizer in Chicago for over 15 years. She brings new perspectives on how to have an organized life. Writing for the Mercury Organizing blog “Create the Flow" and her personal blog “What would Lulu Do?"

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